Plant & Equipment

Brema Group owns a variety of specialist equipment including our Kobelco 70 tonne long reach excavator, electric Brokk 160 excavator, Dust Boss fan forced atomised water dust suppression units, 1 to 48 tonne excavators with grabs, rotating pulverisers, hammers, metal shears and augers up to 1,200mm diameter, a ride on Blastrac vinyl floor stripper and our fleet of bin trucks.


Skid steer loaders
Vinyl floor stripper
Dust suppression units
Remote-controlled electric excavator
  1 tonne excavators
  3 tonne excavators
  5 tonne excavators
  6 tonne excavators
  8 tonne excavators
13 tonne excavators
20 tonne excavators
22 tonne excavators
25 tonne excavators
35 tonne excavators
47 tonne excavators
48 tonne excavators
70 tonne long reach excavator


Tilt buckets
Screening buckets
Trenching buckets - 300, 450, 600
Mud buckets
Concrete pulverisers
Rotating pulverisers
Metals and timber shears
Auger drives - 100, 200, 300, 450, 600, 900, 1200
Log, rock and demolition grabs
Industrial grapples


3 tonne truck
6 tonne truck
12 tonne truck
12 tonne water truck
15 tonne trucks and hook bin trucks
22 tonne truck and semi trailer
24 tonne truck and dog trailer